As of 2012, the FBI’s budget was $8.1 billion, employing 36,074 staff (including 13,913 Special Agents and 22,161 support professionals). The FBI also has 56 field offices all over the United States, with over 400 satellite offices, and more than 60 offices internationally.

It is the job of the elite staff of the FBI to protect U.S. citizens and other interests from threats as diverse as cyber attacks to violent crimes, and international to domestic terrorism. The FBI also protects the U.S. digital and electronic interests of the country, all the while uploading democratic profess and providing tactical leadership.

The FBI deals with both national security and more local law enforcement where the interests of U.S. citizens is under threat. The FBI tackles complex and dangerous operations that other authorities aren’t equiped to deal with.

There are many various jobs within the FBI, and unique skills are prioritised and fostered. However, there are two main career paths within the FBI: Special Agents and Professional Staff. Under these two paths are many different positions that require unique specialisations and experience.

FBI Agents are constantly and consistently devoted to national security and organizational integrity. All candidates seeking employment with the FBI must uphold its core values at all times.

Students and recent graduates can access opportunities with the FBI through the University Hire Program. There are both Honors Internships, which are paid, and Volunteer Internships, which are unpaid, available to students. There are also regular recruiting events across the nation during the year.

The FBI also has the prestigious Presidential Management Fellows Program, which entails two years of training and development for people of all academic background seeking work with the FBI.

Candidates for Special Agent and Contract Linguist jobs must apply online on the FBI’s website. Sometimes the FBI also advertises online, through the Featured Opportunities section of their site.