The FBI Counterproliferation Center was made up of staff from the FBI’s Directorate of Intelligence, Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate and Counterintelligence Division in 2011. The FBI uses the Center as its main point of contact to the National Counterproliferation Center, and also to similar centres in other agencies including NSA, DIA and the CIA. The job of the Centre also includes offering operational support to field agents who are working on both national and international counterproliferation operations.

Threats to U.S. security are constantly growing, with organisations like Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda attempting to gain access to Weapons of Mass Destruction from the nuclear to the chemical to the biological in order to attack America and American allies. It is essential to ensure that these groups never fulfil their goals of hostility towards the United States, and the FBI is dedicated to ensuring they never acquire the weapons they are intent on.

Job Description for FBI Counterproliferation Center

FBI Counterproliferation Center is tasked with using their immense resources and intelligence to not only find out about, but to destroy any attempt to betray intelligence secrets to terrorists, other criminals, and hostile foreign governments. That’s a huge responsibility, and the FBI keeps track of all WMD experts, relevant government organisations and research groups. This includes developing rules and regulations to enforce the security of WMDs and WMD resources.
The FBI also fosters close relationships with law enforcement and intelligence groups globally. The Counterproliferation Center has the power to send well trained teams to not only protect, but to sometimes transport materials pertaining to WMDs domestically and around the world. The Center is also responsible for streamlining its own operational activities and those of similar government agencies, with the goal of efficiently using federal resources. The FBI Counterproliferation Center is highly adaptive, constantly changing its practices to keep up with the activities of terrorist and criminal cells.

Jobs at the FBI Counterproliferation Center include:

1. Keeping track of domestic and international WMDs in all categories.
2. Delving into all breaches and attempted breaches of the United State’s WMD security at home and abroad.
3. Keeping track of the behaviour of all professionals around the world who have exclusive and specialty knowledge of WMDs.
4. Contacting and sharing information with other intelligence agencies.
5. Noticing and stopping any undermining of WMD security.
6. Neutralising any hostile networks trying to acquire WMDs or WMD knowledge.
7. Determining if terrorists have paid for information of weapons by analysing their financial networks.
8. Cooperating with global police organizations to secure law enforcement and intelligence resources.

Salary for FBI Counterproliferation Center

Staff in the FBI Counterproliferation Center include Special Agents and world leaders in the area of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The pay grade of Special Agents ranges from Gs-10 up to GS-15, support personnel may receive a grade of GS-7 or higher.  The Bureau provides for cost of living increases, hazard pay and overtime.