Counterterrorism is the FBI’s most pressing priority, and it’s the job of the Counterterrorism Division to identify and stop the efforts of both individuals and organisations that are posing a clear and present threat to national security. The Counterterrorism Division uses the Bureau’s immense resources to quash the activities of groups like Hamas, Al Qaeda and Asbat an-Ansar, both at home and abroad.

The Counterterrorism Division’s Scope

Following 9/11, the FBI became more pro-active in its fight against terrorism. The FBI began actively looking for potential terrorist threats, and identifying the groups that pose them, with the goal of dismantling them before any attacks are carried out, both on U.S. soil and in the countries of U.S. allies. The FBI uses state of the art surveillance techniques, and has been granted special investigative and detainment powers by Congress and the President in order to combat terrorism and potential terrorists.
The Counterterrorism Division’s scope extends globally, and relies on heavily reinforced analytical and intelligence gathering operations, with limitless tactical resources in order to identify pending threats and respond to them appropriately. Tactics used by the Counterterrorism Division includes sending teams into terrorist training zones abroad, curtailing terrorist access to their funding, and employing counterespionage within terrorist networks in order to extract information.