The Counterterrorism Fly Teams were created by the Counterterrorism Division to respond to terrorist activities anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. Fly Teams have incredible field capabilities, not only for tactical responses, but for gathering intelligence and in the skill of linguistics. Teams are made up of the FBI’s best analysts and Special Agents.
There is a highly selective screening process for Counterterrorism Fly Teams, and the positions are only open to operatives who have had a minimum of five years of field experience. Once chosen for Fly Teams agents must complete a compulsory five month training program, which includes medical practice, team building, cultural sensitivity training, fingerprinting, hostage retrieval practice and physical fitness.

The FBI Counterterrorism Fly Team’s Scope

Fly Teams are put into very dangerous situations around the world in order to infiltrate terrorist groups and collect intelligence. They use sophisticated equipment for analysis and communications, and in order to pass on information to U.S. based Bureau facilities. Fly Teams also respond to onsite analysis, and in some cases take immediate action.
Counterterrorism Fly Teams also act as leaders in advancing the FBI’s missions. They are in charge of going into a foreign situation and assessing the status of that situation in order to provide recommendations to the FBI. The FBI will then act accordingly. Fly Teams are also able to establish field command posts.

Job Description for Counterterrorism Fly Team

Fly Teams are expected to:

1. Stealthily enter foreign groups in order to gain intelligence and get a grasp on their status.
2. Undertake intelligence gathering overseas.
3. Investigate potential terrorist threats and convey this information to FBI analysts.
4. Capture terrorists and disrupt their operations.
5. Obtain information and evidence pertaining to terrorist activities and planned attacks.
6. Create field command posts for FBI staff.
7. Creating relationships with foreign police and security to ensure all activities are authorised and supported.
8. Always being professional and physically able so that missions are carried out seamlessly.
9. Take charge of hostage retrieval for U.S. citizens.

Salary for Counterterrorism Fly Team

Fly Teams employ both Special Agents and intelligence analysts. Special Agent’s pay grade is GS-10 to GS-15, while other staff will receive a salary between GS-7 to GS-14. Fly Teams is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and because of the city’s high cost of living a 17.5 percent increase in pay is given to all personnel.  Law Enforcement Availability Pay, an additional 25 percent of salary, is available to those working overtime.