Genocide, wartime, the employment of child soldiers and genocide was made criminal in 1998 by a Presidential Executive Order. This gave the FBI the responsibility of identifying and catching all suspects of the aforementioned crimes, and bringing them to justice both in U.S. court and courts abroad. To full actualise these new responsibilities, the Genocide and War Crimes Unit (GWCU) was created within the FBI.

The crimes dealt with by the GWCU are considered some of the worst crimes that can possibly be committed. Criminals engaging in these crimes threaten not only U.S. safety, but world peace and the lives of millions of world citizens. U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement assists the GWCU in identifying any perpetrators or potential criminals who have travelled to the U.S., while the GWCU also relies on the public to remain vigilant and provide tips.

As many war crime criminals are functioning within foreign countries, the GWCU uses U.S. staff posted all over the world in order to identify suspects, as well as working with foreign local law enforcement bodies. The U.S. is a world leader in war criminal apprehension, and works with foreign governments to ensure that perpetrators are bought to justice.
War criminals like Charles Taylor, Ratko Mladic and Slobodan Milosevic have all been caught thanks to the efforts of GWCU agents and staff.

The Special Agents and professionals of GWCU have been instrumental in the capture of war criminals like Slobodan Milosevic, Charles Taylor and Ratko Mladic. The GWCU is currently on the trail of human rights violator Joseph Kony and his collaborators.

Job Description for FBI Genocide and War Crimes Unit

GWCU staff undertake the following jobs:

1. Forensic investigations of crime scenes and mass graves.
2. Interrogation of witnesses who have been privy to instances of war crimes including torture and genocide.
3. Exploring locations where war criminals might be hidden.
4. Catching and transporting criminals to either U.S. or international courts.
5. Requesting assistance from international governments through the use of U.S. legal attaches abroad.
6. Liaising with U.S. immigration in order to find out about war criminals entering and living on U.S. soil.
7. Watching the activities of individuals and governments engaged in armed conflict.

Salary for FBI Genocide and War Crimes Unit

Special Agents within the GWCU receive pay salary commensurate with the GS-10 up to GS-15. The GWCU also employs support professionals whose salaries begin at the GS-7 pay grade and go up to GS-14. All Agents automatically begin their careers at GS-10, however, professionals may enter at a variety of levels, including GS-7, GS-9 or GS-11, depending on their education, prior military rank, or law enforcement experience. 

All employees will also receive cost of living adjustment. Special Agents also get the Law Enforcement Availability Pay, which is an extra 25 percent of their salary, as well as COLA. Other staff may receive bonuses for extra hours work and undertaking hazardous jobs.