Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) are multi-agency units that are responsible for looking into terrorist activity. JTTFs are made up of personnel from other federal agencies and local law enforcement, with the FBI giving over funds, resources and providing leadership. Around the U.S., there are 103 JTTFs, with 56 of those attached to FBI field offices. 71 JTTFs were created in the wake of 9/11, and employ nearly 4,400 staff nationwide.

FBI Jobs With Joint Terrorism Task Forces Scope

Joint Terrorism Task Forces employ people will all kinds of specialty skills, including linguistics, investigation, analytics and tactics. The aim of the JTTFs is to be able to respond immediately to terrorist threats. Employing staff from various defence, intelligence and law enforcement bodies accounts for a wide range of resources to be harnessed in the furtherance of investigations, intelligence and terrorist apprehension.

JTTFs are essential to the U.S.’s counterterrorism efforts. JTTFs are regularly first responders to terrorist incidents and have been instrumental in undoing plots by the Lackawanna Six and the JFK Airport Plot. JTTFs have also been essential to the presentation of evidence against Quazi Nafis, Richard Reid, and other terrorists with plots against the U.S.

Job Description for the Joint Terrorism Task Force

Staff on the Joint Terrorism Task Forces are tasked with the following jobs:

1. Keeping track of actions and communications of terror suspects and supporters.
2. Giving over intelligence to relevant law enforcers and partner agencies.
3. Providing investigative, intelligence gathering and other response resources immediately in the case of terrorist activities.
4. Providing evidence in legal proceedings against terror suspects.
5. Using forensics, crime scene and behavioural analysis to investigate terrorist crimes.
6. Interrogating suspects to gain information about the operations of terrorist networks.
7. Ensuring that relevant defence agencies have the information required to deal with forthcoming attacks.
8. Dismantling the financing of terrorist organisations and their activities.

Salary for Joint Terrorism Task Force

JTTF staff are mostly Special Agents, but they also employ digital forensics, intelligence and other professionals. Special Agent salaries range from GS-10 to the GS-15 pay grades, with a 25 percent Law Enforcement Availability Pay salary bonus for their expected 50 hour work week and subsequent 24/7 availability. Other support professionals salaries fall within the GS-7 to GS-14 pay grades, and may qualify for Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime which is based on 10 to 25 of a base wage. All staff will receive salary adjustments for changed cost of living.