The FBI considers cyber crimes as one of the most pressing threats to U.S. national security. Terrorists and hostile foreign governments taking control of the U.S.’s computer systems can be potentially disastrous for national security, which could be just as bad as these groups stealing intelligence or weapons technology.

Cyber Actions Teams (CAT) have been created by the FBI to respond instantly to cyber attacks no matter where in the world they happen. CAT has the resources to respond within hours to any perceived threats, and comprise Special Agents as well as computer forensics experts and intelligence professionals.

Jobs in Cyber Action Teams

CAT has the FBI and federal government’s resources at their disposal, and as such, are able to quickly decipher malignant code, identify suspects and create specialised security systems to keep them out. CAT is integral to the government’s digital safety, but also keeps the public safe from cyber attacks. CAT works on its own, but also collaborates with companies like Microsoft and Google to keep the public informed.

CATs also collaborated with law enforcement abroad in order to gain assistance when quelling a threat to U.S. interests needs to happen overseas.

CATs have the following responsibilities:

1. Looking into attacks on government information systems.
2. Investigating physical crime scenes where devices used for data storage have been compromised.
3. Keep track of potential new technology that could be used for cyber attacks, including developing methods and signatures.
4. Collaborating with industry leaders and academics to create specialised security systems.
5. Moment’s notice travel to foreign locations in order to swiftly respond to threats.

Salary for Cyber Action Team

CATs staff are intelligence analysts and computer forensic experts. Special Agents wages begin at the GS-10 pay grade and go up to GS-15. They also receive a 12.5 to 28.7 adjusted salary bonus for cost of living, plus another 25 percent Law Enforcement Availability Pay for overtime.

Other professional staff have a range of salary grades available. For instance, computer and intelligence professionals are hired at the GS-7 or GS-9 pay grade, judged based on their education and experience. They may be promoted up to the GS-12 pay grade.