Congress gives the FBI the responsibility of keeping statistics about crimes, crime classifications and their final status. When it comes to explosive or incendiary devices and recording statistics to do with them, the FBI made the Bomb Data Center in 1996. The Centre was founded as the National Repository of Information, but the Bomb Data Centre has emerged as the national clearinghouse for all crimes including the use of bombs, WMDs and arson.

The Bomb Data Center is responsible for:

1. Collecting information regarding arson, bombs and WMDs from law enforcement authorities including the FBI, ATF and local law enforcement across the United States.
2. Storing all above information and making sure the right people and agencies have access to it.
3. Analysing all information gathered and reporting insights based on it, including patterns of criminal behaviour that would allow the FBI and other law enforcement bodies to act preemptively.
4. Ensuring that all relevant law enforcement agencies are communicating to carry out operations.
5. Creating reports to analyse the way in which bomb makers operate.

The Bomb Data Center has taken on a broader range of responsibilities in recent years to respond to increasing terrorist threats. For instance, the Bomb Data Center cooperates with analogous agencies across the world to exchange information to lead to the capture of terrorists. The Bomb Data Center is also engaged in the development of new equipment and methods to more effectively respond to explosives threats.

Job Description for Bomb Data Center

Bomb Data Center professionals have the following responsibilities:

1. Giving Special Agent Bomb Technicians up-to-date technical advice.
2. Collating statistics on explosive devices.
3. Storing data in the Law Enforcement Online project.
4. Communicating with local police to gain further information into explosives based crimes.
5. Organising government resources in order to facilitate a quick response time to crimes.
6. Keeping up with the latest information and technology in order to promptly respond to explosive or WMD treats.
7. Making all relevant information known to government staff and general public,

Salary Bomb Data Center

Bomb Data Center are generally technical staff rather than field agents. The minimum pay for Bomb Data Center is GS-10, and due to their expertise, may be promoted up to the GS-15 pay grade. There is also a 12.5 up to 28.7 percent adjustment available for cost of living.