The National Center for Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) is one of the main arms of the FBI’s Crisis Incident Response Group. It is responsible for investigating and researching criminal and violent behavior. NCAVC uses computer, historical and psychoanalytical tools to analyse criminal behavior.

NCAVC was created in 1984 under President Ronald Reagan, and is now the nations preeminent authority on serial murder, rape, crimes using explosives, terrorism, crimes against children and extortion. Run by Special Agents and elite criminal analysts, law enforcement professionals and behavioral analysts, the branch is responsible for providing reports on criminal behaviour that will help catch and prevent violent offenders.

NCAVC professionals are colloquially known as “profilers”, and they use up-to-the-minute research and tech to rationalize criminal behaviour and anticipate future criminal behaviour. NCAVC assesses what motivates crime, how criminals allude capture and the likelihood of escalated crimes.

To work as an FBI profiler, applicants must have law enforcement experience, either as a Special Agent or otherwise. To undertake a researcher position, profilers must have elite education and research experience.

Job Description for Profiler

NCAVC professionals must be able to:

1. Look at and and analyze evidence including crime scene photos and witness testimonies
2. Talk to field personnel about crimes in order to give advice about how to proceed.
3. Keep up with cases and investigative techniques.
4. Train Special Agents in relevant behavioral analysis so that agents can use that knowledge in their investigations.
5. Go to relevant conferences and communicate with law enforcement professionals to gather information regarding the psychology of crimes.
6. Research the psychology of criminals.

Salary for Profilers

NCAVC staffs both Special Agents and non-FBI professionals. Special Agents receive a minimum GS-10 pay grade, and if they’re active in the field, can advance to GS-13. Meanwhile, if Agents advance to an instructor, supervisor or executive, they can receive up to a GS-14 or GS-15 salary. Cost of living adjustments add an extra 2.5 to 28.7 percent of base wage to the salary, and Agents also get a 25 percent adjustment for Law Enforcement Availability Pay, as well as COLA.

Non-FBI staff at NCAVC qualify as research professionals, and have elite educations and experience. Therefore, these staff are also paid salaries similar to Special Agents.