In the FBI’s Directorate of Intelligence certain branches are known as Field Intelligence Groups (FIG), and they’re in charge of a lot of intelligence missions. FIGs hired Special Agents, Intelligence Analysts, Linguists and Physical Surveillance Specialists. These are highly trained teams that can work independently or in collaboration with other FIGs.

FIGs are of great value to national security and intelligence. They’re responsible for reporting threatening terrorist activity, and have FBI and government resources at their behest. FIGs are responsible for managing raw intelligence and translating it so it can be put into clear, understandable recommendations. This information, if pressing, is delivered promptly to the FBI, Congress and sometimes even the President. FIGs have also taken leading roles in DOIs for intelligence gathering and sharing.

Providing support to law enforcement is also a role FIGs undertake. By relaying information about intelligence, criminals, U.S. vulnerabilities and planned attacks, FIGs give the FBI relevant information to undertake prompt tactical missions.

Job Description for Field Intelligence Groups

FIG professionals should be able to:

1. Decrypt communication between targets.
2. Interrogate criminals and terrorists.
3. Undertake intelligence operations to compile data concerning threats to national security.
4. Infiltrate criminal and terrorist organisations.
5. Report on their recommendations for FBI initiatives.
6. Decide if intelligence assets are accurate and/or important.
7. Ensure the FBI’s intelligence assets are nimble and efficient.

Salary Data for Field Intelligence Group Staff

Field Intelligence Groups undertake specialized roles. Most staff areSpecial Agents and they begin their careers at the GS-10 grade, with the ability to make it up to GS-13. If Agents become supervisors or executives, they may be eligible for GS-14 or GS-15 ratings. 

Language analysts working in FIGs may be Agents or contractors. If they’re the latter, they’re paid an hourly wage of $27 to $41 per hour, which can be an annual salary between $49,571 and $119,935.