Along with all its other divisions, the FBI also has its own independent Police force. These FBI Police Officers are the FBI’s security staff at their facilities and for their other personnel. These officers have elite skills that help them notice and stop any criminal or terrorist activity that might threaten FBI assets.

The Unique Places Where FBI Police Officers Serve

The FBI Police protects the FBI National Headquarters, Academy, Field Offices and National Crime Information Center with 24/7 security. By patrolling the grounds of FBI facilities, FBI Police ensure there are no trespassers on the property, and only authorized persons are allowed to enter. The FBI Police also administrate all goods and equipment coming and going from FBI facilities to ensure everything has adequate authorization. Sometimes they even use dogs to help them monitor and search.

FBI Police Officers also provide security at major events for the event site and other FBI personnel. For instance, important conferences and meetings, and cultural events like the Super Bowl are monitored by the FBI Police. On these occasions, the Police are responsible for noticing and apprehending terrorist or criminals who might pose a current threat. FBI Police often also provide personal security for FBI staff who are travelling.

Job Description for FBI Police Officers

FBI Police Officers have these responsibilities:

1. Keeping law and order.
2. Protecting staff and visitors to FBI property.
3. React to any trespass including theft, fire or accident on FBI property.
4. Responding to potential threats to FBI property, staff or assets.
5. Making sure any goods coming or going from FBI property are authorised to do so.
6. Looking for weaknesses in FBI infrastructure and property.
7. Using communications and electronics intrusion systems to do the above jobs.
8. Making arrests and detaining anyone who in in violation of FBI security.
9. Keeping track of visitors and goods.
10. Undertaking extensive training and seminars.
11. Ensuring FBI staff are safe at events and while travelling.
12. Being able to testify in course about FBI staff and suspects.

Salary and Job Benefits for FBI Police Officers

FBI Police Officers can receive a pay grade of GS-5, GS-6, GS-7 or GS-8. They will also receive adjustments for cost of living and Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime (AUO), which is paid 25 percent of their base wage for overtime and 24/7 availability. Otherwise, Police who are paid hourly get overtime paid at 50 percent over their hourly rate. FBI Police Officers also get the following benefits package:

1. Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB) with vision and dental.
2. Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) with defray rehabilitation and nursing home care.
3. Federal Employee Retirement System Life Insurance Benefits (FERS) for extra life insurance.
4. Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program (FEGLI).
5. Federal Flexible Spending Account Program (FSAFEDS) whereby staff can deposit tax-free income towards dependent care.
6. Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) for injury at work.
7. Tuition reimbursement.
8. FBI Professional Staff FERS which lets Officers retire after 20-30 years.
9. Employee Benevolent Fund which gives coverage if Officer dies while on the job.
10. Federal Thrift Savings Plan (like a 401k)
11. 13 to 26 personal leave days annually, as well as 10 extra paid holiday days.