Within the United States, there are between 9 and 14 Enhanced SWAT teams in operation. They exist in large metropolitan centers that might be something of a target for criminals and terrorists. Enhanced FBI SWAT teams are the most highly skilled professionals in any law enforcement body including the FBI. They recruit their staff from the finest police and military bodies in the U.S.

Enhanced SWAT teams generally have up to 42 members with elite skills as:

1. Snipers
2. Breachers
3. Assaulters
4. Medical technicians
5. Rappelmasters
6. Tactical Air Operations officers

The Difference Between SWAT and Enhanced SWAT

While Enhanced SWAT teams fulfil the same roles are general SWATs, they have more resources in both equipment and methods, and take on bigger missions. As Enhanced SWATs have more staff, they’re better able to respond to high-scale threats, and have a wider area of operation and are able to deploy anywhere in the world with a moment’s notice.

Enhanced SWAT team jobs require difficult training to get operatives to a higher level of capability than normal SWATs, giving them the ability to assist Hostage Rescue Teams. Enhanced SWAT teams only activate when there’s a present terrorist or criminal threat, and otherwise do the same jobs as Special Agents.

Joining an Enhanced SWAT team is not easy, and Agents wishing to be accepted must undertake a two week rigorous process including:

1. Physical fitness tests
2. Displaying marksmanship skills
3. Proving their decision making skills
4. Employing command ability
5. Showing situational awareness

Only very few Agents make it to SWAT, and even less make it to Enhanced SWAT teams, meaning there is a lot of competition for entry. Only the most elite agents from the FBI, military and law enforcement make it to SWAT through the Tactical Recruitment Program.

Job Description for Enhanced Special Weapons and Tactics Operatives

Enhanced SWAT staff must be able to:

1. Carry out assaults on buildings, structures, vehicles, ships or aircraft.
2. Fulfil hostage rescue missions.
3. Chase and capture criminals, fugitives and terrorists.
4. Dismantling terrorist operations.
5. Going to remote locations around the globe with a moment’s notice.
6. Undertaking intense training to maintain a high level of physical and mental ability.
7. Gathering intelligence for criminal investigations.

Salary for Enhanced Special Weapons and Tactics Operatives

Enhanced SWAT operative are considers the same as regular SWAT by the FBI for professional reasons. For this reason, salaries for Enhanced SWAT match those of normal SWAT. These are:

1. Average yearly salary:  $74,800 – $112,200
2. Entry level yearly salary:  $61,600 – $92,400
3. Highest yearly salary:  $88,000 – $132,000

Salary awarded is based on the individual staff member’s responsibilities, seniority, experience and location. There are also extra benefits available including health, life and long term care insurance, analogous 401k plans and retirement benefits following 20 years of service.