The FBI’s SWAT and Hostage Rescue Teams (HRT) are some of the U.S.’s most elite operatives. Operatives must be able to carry out a range of skills, but are also expected to specialize in certain skills. Assault Teams are trained to infiltrate infrastructure and all kind of vehicles and vessels in order to apprehend criminals while keeping any hostages or surrounding public safe.

FBI staff can only join an Assault Team if they’ve completed two years in the field. Only then can they go through the two week selection, including endurance tests, to become qualified Assault Team operatives. After passing this, staff must also undertake an intensive training program, after which they will be part of the Assault Teams, but continue their every day job as Special Agents. Assault Team personnel are only required when called for.

Job Description for FBI Assault Team Operatives

The FBI’s barricade situation resolution is a global leader, including a database of 5,000 recorded incidents. These incidents include hostage situations, hijackings and other criminal undertakings. FBI Tactical unit assaulters and breachers must use this database information, as well as new technologies and weapons to strategize and carry out missions. Assault Operatives should be undetectable, and move into areas around a target before an assault with utmost stealth. The Operatives use things like smoke grenades and rope repelling to fulfil this aim. They are do the following jobs:

1. Train to maintain elite physical and mental capabilities through training.
2. Quickly assess and respond to terrorist and criminal activity.
3. Being able to maintain silent and stillness for long periods of time while in enemy territory.
4. Administering medical care to injured staff and members of the public.
5. Collecting, analysing and passing on evidence and intelligence.

Salary for FBI Assault Team Operatives

Assault Team Operatives receive a pay grade based on their experience, military or law enforcement rank, and their job responsibilities, between the GS-10 and GS-15 grades. If a personnel member is part of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team and therefore has supervisor status, their salary begins at GS-14 or GS-15. Adjustments for cost of living between 12.5 and 28.7 percent of the base wage are also available, while Assault Team Operatives get a 25 percent adjustment for Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime (AUO). All Operatives are also entitled to the FBI’s benefits program including heath insurance including dental and vision options, life insurance, Thrift Savings Plans and retirement benefits for 20-25 of service.