Keeping American intellectual property safe is the target of the FBI, and the organization is responsible for the highest task of securing government secrets and technological information. Because the U.S. is a world leader in growing intellectual innovation and creative across all industries, keeping its secrets safe is of paramount concern. The United States uses its many innovations and creativity to maintain and fortify its position as a global military and economic superpower, so safeguarding its secrets is essential to maintaining this position.

The Counterintelligence Division is in charge of protecting the U.S. government from intelligence terrorism, stopping those who would seek to steal secrets from the U.S. from doing so. The section is dedicated to ensuring that no hostile outsiders gain any knowledge that might threaten national security.

Job Description for Counterintelligence Strategy and Domain Section

Agents in the Counterintelligence Division do the following work:

1. Seeing, keeping track of and stopping activities that threaten U.S. intelligence and defense.
2. Chasing, arresting and interrogating hostile agents, spies, or those doing treason.
3. Keeping track of hostile foreign governments.
4. Keeping weapons and technology safe.
5. Infiltrating foreign governments to get their secrets.
6. Watching over the actions of intelligence staff to ensure they’re not doing wrong.
7. Partnering with academic institutions and private organisations to gain more informational capability.

Salary for Counterintelligence Strategy and Domain Section

Special Agents in the Counterintelligence Strategy and Domain Section, receive pay that falls within the GS-10 to GS-15 grades. New agents and professionals will also be given a cost of living adjustment from the FBI, and some jobs might qualify for Law Enforcement Availability Pay pay, which is paid at 25 percent of their existing salary, as well as generous benefits.