Counterterrorism is the main preoccupation of the FBI, so being employed with the Counterterrorism Division (CTD) is a coveted job for new Special Agents. Within the CTD there are specialised areas including Counterterrorism Fly Teams, Joint Terrorism Task Forces, Field Intelligence Groups and the Counterterrorism Analysis Branch.

Special Agents’ Roles in the Counterterrorism Division

National security is the FBI’s highest priority of the FBI, and the CTD leads the way in protecting the U.S. and U.S. interests against terrorism. They are responsible for keeping track of criminal activities at home and abroad. On U.S. soil, the CTD must be able to identify people with terrorist ideologies or who are working with terrorist groups to harm the U.S. CTD’s must apprehend suspects within the U.S. who might be planning violent attacks.

Internationally, the CTD keeps track of well known hostile organizations and identifies new ones. They must obtain information about these groups and find human sources within them for monitoring purposes. CTD staff must also find out there terrorists groups are getting funding and seek to dismantle their networks.

Counterterrorism Division Job Description

CTD Special Agent must do the following jobs:

1. Keeping track of actions and communications of terrorists domestically.
2. Looking into potential attacks and prosecute any found offenders.
3. Creating and carrying out missions to stop terrorism against the U.S. and allies.
4. Knowing where terrorist organisations are operating at all times.
5. Keeping track of all WMDs, relevant technology and scientists.
6. Finding and pulling apart terrorist financial networks.
7. See where the U.S. is vulnerable and modify accordingly.

Salary for Special Agent-Counterterrorism Division Jobs

Special Agents start at the GS-10 pay grade and can be promoted to the GS-13 level. If they make it to supervisor or executive, their pay can reach the the GS-15 level. There’s a cost of living adjustment of 12.5 to 28.7 percent and Law Enforcement Availability Pay for 50 hour weeks and 24 hour availability.