The FBI’s largest arm is the Criminal Investigations Division (CID). It was created in 1908, and after 9/11 the divisions main focus became national security. CID staff comprise nearly 4,800 Special Agents, but many have moved on to other national security professions. Personnel deal with national security threats, dismantling terrorist financial networks, violent, financial and organized crime.

Breadth and Scope of Jobs in the Criminal Investigations Division

The CID is concerned with stopping public corruption and protecting civil rights. Because civil rights are derived from the Constitution and federal laws, the FBI is granted jurisdictional authority. The FBI deals with cases where police and government officials across all levels are engaged in illegal activity, including high profile cases involving violence. The CID lent their elite skills to solving the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut as well as the infamous Unabomber case. They also track Latin American gangs and Eurasian criminal organisations. The CID has close partnerships with other law enforcement bodies across the world. They also solve white-collar crimes including mortgage, Medicare and internet fraud and also embezzlement, and played a huge role in cases against Enron, WorldCom and in the Bernie Madoff case.

Job Description for Criminal Investigations Division

CID Special Agents have the following responsibilies:

1. Look into cases of civil rights violations, financial and violent crimes and suspects from individuals to companies to governments.
2. Deal with cases where law enforcement or government staff are under suspicion of committing crimes.
3. Interrogating suspects, witnesses or other people that could help in solving a crime.
4. Putting together evidence for prosecution.
5. Oversee federal, state or local resources while an investigation is going on.
6. Communicate with international agencies in order to shut down terrorist cells.
7. Establish human intelligence assets to infiltrate terrorist organizations.
8. Support and advise law enforcement staff in the pursuance of crime solving.

Salary for Criminal Investigations Division

CID staff are Special Agents who start at the GS-10 pay rate, and can progress to GSG-13 level for field service. Agents who become supervisors or executives can be promoted to the GS-14 or GS-15 pay grade. All salaries are normally given a 12.5 to 28.7 percent adjustment for cost of living, plus a 25 percent bonus for 24/7 availability and 50 hour work weeks.