Directorate of Intelligence is one of five specialisations in the FBI. There is huge promotion potential and is integral to national security. After 9/11, the FBI’s main priority became counterterrorism, and the Directorate of Intelligence became the leader in intelligence analysis. Following the September 11 attacks, the DOI has grown massively in staff and budget.

Special Agent Riles in the Directorate of Intelligence

There are three main job categories for Special Agents in the Directorate of Intelligence:

1. Intelligence Analysts: The Analysts put together raw information gathered from both human and digital sources, analyse them them, and shared them as actionable strategies.
2. Language Analysts: Special Agents must be able to understand communications in different languages domestically and internationally.
3. Physical Surveillance Specialists: These Agents collate intelligence regarding criminal and terrorist activities through both visual and digital surveillance.

Job Description for Special Agent

DOI Special Agents undertake the following jobs:

1. Interrogating suspects to gain information regarding terrorist or criminal activity.
2. Intercepting and analysing terrorist communications.
3. Secretly entering terrorist zones to eavesdrop and surveil activity.
4. Developing human intelligence assets in terrorist networks.
5. Maintaining information systems necessary to support initiatives.
6. Creating reports to disseminate intelligence information across the FBI and other relevant agencies.
7. Put forward recommendations for national security.

Salary for Directorate of Intelligence Special Agents

The Directorate of Intelligence’s Special Agents enter with a pay grade of GS-10 to GS-15, however GS-14 and GS-15 are normally only given to supervisors and executives. There is an adjustment of 12.5 to 28.7 percent for cost of living and Special Agents also get a 25 percent adjustment for 24/7 availability and 50 hour work weeks. There is also a great benefits package including life and health insurance, Thrift Savings and retirement plan after 25-30 years of service.