FBI Offices in Alabama

Alabama hosts two main FBI offices, and four satellite bases. The main FBI headquarters in Alabama is Birmingham, which has eight squads, all with different specialisations. that all have different skills and sets of expertise. The state’s second field office is Mobile, and Mobile’s Agents focus on digital forensics, tactical support and bomb recovery. The state’s satellite offices ere located in Auburn, Dothan, Monroeville, Montgomery and Selma.

FBI Requirements in Alabama

In order to become an FBI Agent the most important requirement is that candidates are a U.S. citizen, or a citizen of a U.S. territory. When applying, agents must be between 23 and 37 years old, and have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an approved academic institution, as well as some relevant work experience. Candidates must be ready and willing to travel often and extensively, as well as relocating if asked.

Alabama has five entry programs:

1. Computer Science/ Information Technology: this is for those interested in intelligence getting, digital forensics, computer protection and anti-espionage via digital means.
2. Accounting: this requires Agents to undertake in data analysis and the investigation of financial crimes.
3. Language: linguists work in intelligence gathering and antiterrorism where foreign language suspects are concerned, and they are in high demand.
4. Law: the FBI needs experts in state, federal and international law, as they deal in law enforcement.
5. Diversified: This is for candidates who have an interest in finding out about all areas of the FBI’s work and have a diverse range of skills.