As Arizona is on the U.S. and Mexican border, the FBI’s work there is very exciting. Since 9/11, border patrol has become a priority, with Agents being very serious about stopping illegal immigration. One of the main roles of the FBI is to enhance national security in order to stop potential terrorist attacks, and one way of doing this is curtailing the influx of illegal immigrants to Arizona.

FBI Field Office Locations in Arizona

Phoenix (Main Field Office): Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona and home to the state’s FBI headquarters. This office dispatches units to field offices (called satellite offices or resident agencies) throughout the state.

Satellite Office Locations: Flagstaff, Gallup, Lake Havasu, Lakeside, Sierra Vista, Tucson, Yuma.

The Arizona FBI also has four evidence response located in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Gallup and Tucson. These teams investigate high-profile crime scenes and find evidence in order to catch perpetrators and put them on trial before a court. These teams employ the most FBI staff in Arizona.

Careers for FBI Professionals in Arizona

There is a lot of opportunity and training for the FBI in Arizona. These are some of the jobs available, and requirements for them:

1. Evidence Response and Processing: In this role, agents collect and processing physical evidence from crime scenes. They photograph the scene, log information into databases, create diagrams, find fingerprints, blood and DNA, analyse these, and general find all forensic clues at the site of a crime. They are highly trained and skilled, and always busy.
2. Computer Forensics: These professionals do many of the same tasks as Evidence Response and Processing Agents, but digitally, acquiring the information from computers and other devices.
3. Tactical Support: These Agents help local law enforcement in high-risk situations, including hostage situations, open air and stronghold attacks, desert operations and violent criminal apprehension. For instance, Tactical Support were enlisted to capture a man crossing the border in 2010, and have also been involved in drug crimes and other high-profile border crisis.
4. Translation: Because there are so many immigrants in Arizona (both legal and illegal) translating Agents are required to assist in these cases. To this end, being able to speak Spanish is a huge leg up for being employed by the FBI in Arizona.