Arkansas is right in the middle of the U.S., so an interesting FBI career prospect. There are many job opportunities in this fast growing area, especially since the developing Spanish-speaking community in and around Little Rock has placed a demand on the FBI to employ more personnel.

Arkansas primary FBI office is in Little Rock, but there are also other satellite offices across the state. Satellite offices can be found in Jonesboro, El Dorado, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Hot Springs, Texarkana, Marion and Pine Bluff.

Recent Developments in Arkansas

In a big corruption sting in 2011, the Arkansas FBI caught dozens of criminals. The mission involved stopping the transportation of drugs into and out of the state, and focused on local police who took bribes to turn a blind eye while drugs changed hands in Arkansas. The drugs being exchanged including methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine and crack. The FBI cooperated with over 800 law enforcement professionals to catch the 71 people involved in the bribe system.

The Arkansas FBI’s History

The first FBI headquarters was established in Little Rock in 1924, but was shut down a short time later because of an unforeseeable economic situation. Over the next few decades, Arkansas was overseen by various other regional FBI offices, including Dallas, Memphis and Oklahoma City. When gangs crime became prevalent in the 1940’s, the FBI office in Little Rock was reopened, and has stayed open since.

Arkansas FBI Career Paths

Arkansas’ location means that the FBI there has a lot of regional responsibilities. The Arkansas office is a fast growing one with many jobs available, with new hired every year since 2001. Requirements for employment vary depending on the job. Some of Arkansas’ main priorities are:

1. Evidence Recovery and Processing: The Evidence Response Team in Little Rock has 17 members, and their job is to investigate crime scenes and analyse from the scene. This includes physical evidence and also things like evaluating and identifying tire tracks, blood splatter patterns and bullet trajectory.
2. Tactical Response: The FBI in Arkansas’ Specialized Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team has 13 people on it. The SWATs main job is to get through barricades, deal with hostage situations, catch dangerous and armed offenders, surveil areas, provide security, and help local law enforcement when needed.
3. Bomb Recovery and Analysis: Following 1995’s terrorist bombing in Oklahoma City, Little Rock has had a bomb squad. Arkansas FBI has three personnel who are able to identify and diffuse bombs.

Little Rock also employs computer forensics staff and a hazardous materials team, plus many other different positions.