Of the FBI’s 56 field offices, four are in California, and of their 400 satellite offices, 28 are also in California, and this offices provide support across the state. FBI personnel are responsible for undertaking the investigation of multi-jurisdictional case by interrogating witnesses, overseeing undercover missions, looking over financial records, taking charge of crime scenes and conducting relevantsurveillance.

Historically, the California FBI has dealt with:

1. Kidnapping
2. Civil rights offences
3. Public corruption
4. Interstate criminal activity
5. Drug and human trafficking
6. Bank robbery
7. Organized crime
8. Cyber and white collar crime
9. Air piracy

Becoming an FBI Special Agent in California

In order to become an FBI agent in California, candidates must:

1. Be a citizen of the U.S. or U.S. territory.
2. Be between the ages of 23 and 37.
3. Have at least a bachelor’s degree
4. Be willing to travel anywhere.

There are five entry programs hopefuls can apply to:

1. Computer science/information technology.
2. Accounting.
3. Language.
4. Law.
5. Diversified.

In high demand are skilled engineers knowledgable in physical sciences, especially those possessing military or intelligent training. For FBI jobs in California, applicants can lodge online or in person at a field or satellite office. Desirable applicants will then undergo testing to make sure they are ready for formal training. The FBI adheres to equal opportunity employment.

Pay is on a scale of 15 grades, with 10 steps in each. The grade at which Agents enter on depends on their personal education and experience, while promotions are based on job performance. Grade 1 ranges between $16,352 and$20,450, whereas Grade 15 is between $91,507 and $118,957. FBI staff also get federal benefits, overtime, danger and availability pay.

FBI Jobs in California

The L.A. FBI field office and its 10 satellite offices span over seven counties and encompass 40,000 square miles. L.A. FBI staff include intelligence and financial analysts, security, investigative and electronics experts, linguists, as well as an evidence response team that includes an underwater unit. In 2013 the L.A. field office was able to capture a man who hacked into social networks to trick 350 females into nudity.

The Sacramento field office includes 34 counties and eight satellite offices. It employs many different kinds of personnel, including hazardous materials experts and a crisis response team. In 2013 the office arrested criminals involved in employment benefit fraud, hate crimes and child exploitation. They also played a key role in the sentencing of the Nuestra Familia gang for violence and drug trafficking.

San Diego.
The San Diego office encompasses San Diego and Imperial counties as well as two satellite offices. Special Agents have jobs like bomb recovery and analysis experts. San Diego also has the country’s best crisis negotiation team. It’s also where the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime is located. The San Diego office has successfully undertaken eight bank robbery convictions, and the arrest of a CEO engaged in a $28-million stock fraud scheme since 2013.

San Francisco.
This includes eight satellite offices that span 15 counties. Staff include Special Agents, a SWAT team with 46-members as well as four evidence response teams comprising of of 32 crime specialists each. The office has recently arrested a person who made a bomb threat at a high school and four men posing as police officers who performed a home invasion.