Because of Connecticut’s location on the eastern Seaboard close to big population centres with lots of major ports around, there is a lot of illegal activity going on in the state. There are many job opportunities in Connecticut for FBI agents.

New Haven hosts the main FBI headquarters in Connecticut, with satellite offices, located in Bridgeport, New London and Meriden. While New Haven is the largest office, Meriden is the second biggest because its so close to Hartford.

FBI Jobs in Connecticut

Connecticut’s small group of Agents all are expected to take on many roles instead of just taking on one specific duty. These jobs involve:

1. Evidence Recovery and Processing: Their job is to investigate crime scenes and analyse from the scene. This includes physical evidence and also things like evaluating and identifying tire tracks, blood splatter patterns and bullet trajectory. Connecticut’s team comprises 16 agents.
2. Tactical Response: Connecticut’s Specialized Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) specialised in getting through barricades, dealing with hostage situations, catching dangerous and armed offenders, surveilling areas, providing security, and helping local law enforcement when needed.
3. Bomb Recovery and Analysis: There is one bomb expert in Connecticut who is responsible for all explosive related situations. This person works closely with the Terrorism Task Forces.
4. Weapons of Mass Destruction/ Hazardous Materials: There is one person on this team and their responsibility is to deal with WMDs.

Application and Training Process for the FBI

Regional recruiting events cross the country are generally where agents are recruited. The basic requirements hopefuls have to meet are:

1. They must be a citizen of the U.S. or U.S. territory.
2. They must be between the ages of 23 and 37.
3. They must have at least a four year bachelor’s degree

After submitting an application, hopefuls are subject to a background check as well as a fitness test. Once accepted, applicants must enter a program for either Accounting, Computer Science, Language, Law or Diversified.