The FBI field office located in Baltimore, Maryland oversees Delaware’s operations. Because it is located near the Eastern Seaboard, there are many exciting employment opportunities there.

The Baltimore field office was created in 1911, when Baltimore was one of the biggest and cities in the country. As a result, the FBI office was set up as one of the largest ones nationwide, and right from the start it had control over the Delaware office. Because Delaware is a small state, is doesn’t need its own field office, and only has two small satellite offices.

Delaware’s Satellite Offices

Each one of Delaware’s two satellite office is near one of the state’s most populated cities.

1. Dover: The Dover satellite office is right on the Atlantic Ocean, at the state’s southernmost point. This is because there are many major trading ports here where cargo comes in and out of the U.S. from all over the globe.
2. Wilmington: Located north of Dover, Wilmington is the closes to New York City.

FBI Careers in Delaware

1. Evidence Recovery and Processing: Their job is to investigate crime scenes and analyse from the scene. This includes physical evidence and also things like evaluating and identifying tire tracks, blood splatter patterns and bullet trajectory. They also cooperate with local law enforcement to solve crimes.
2. Computer Forensics: These experts are required to obtain and analyse evidence from digital sources. In 2013, President Obama, in his State of the Union address, stressed how important digital forensics are to national safety.
3. Tactical Support and Crisis Response: Specialized Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) personnel are the heart of this team. They are tasked with getting through barricades, dealing with hostage situations, catching dangerous and armed offenders, surveilling areas, providing security, and helping local law enforcement when needed..
4. Victim Assistance: This team supports victims of crimes considered as federal felony offenses.
5. Translation: These linguists are responsible for employing their language skills in the defence of national security. They interview and interrogate witnesses and suspects and cooperated with local law enforcement officials.
6. Hazardous Materials: The HAZMAT team deals with dangerous materials including chemical, radiological and biological waste. They also collaborate with local law enforcement and the FBI’s WMD experts.