The Indianapolis Division manages FBI training and jobs in Indiana, spanning these Resident Agencies:
1. Bloomington.
2. Evansville.
3. Fort Wayne.
4. Lafayette.
5. Merrillville.
6. Muncie.
7. New Albany.
8. South Bend.
9. Terre Haute.

Indianapolis traditionally deals with lots of different national security issues, from terrorism to organized crime to public corruption to espionage and mortgage fraud. In 2012, the Indiana FBI staged a sting on a statewide methamphetamine ring, assisted in the sentencing of a man who was engaged in health care fraud and tax evasion, helped sentence eleven people engaged in drug trafficking in Indianapolis and put a Texas man in pain for 330 months for child exploitation. In 2013, the Indiana Division put former Chicago cops involved with a racketeering conspiracy with a street gang in prison.

Indiana’s FBI Division is highly specialized and professionals deal with a number of national security issues and crimes.

Indiana FBI Careers

FBI staff in Indiana manage undercover operations, share intelligence and cooperated with local and national law enforcement to gather evidence, run surveillance and gain about crimes. Jobs include:

1. Economic Analysts.
2. Linguists.
3. Support Professionals.
4. Special Agents.
5. Investigative Experts.
6. Intelligence Analysts.
7. Security Professionals.
8. Electronics Technicians.

Becoming an FBI Agent in Indiana

To become an FBI Agent in Indiana applicants must contact the Indianapolis Division, one of the Resident offices, or lodge their application online.

In Indiana, there are two Evidence Response Teams, a Computer Analysis and Response Team, a SWAT team with fifteen members, Special Agent Bomb Technicians and two Victim Specialists. The Indianapolis Division also corroborates with various other groups including:

1. The Indianapolis Joint Terrorism Task Force.
2. The InfraGard Chapter.
3. The Indianapolis Violent Crime and Major Offender Fugitive Task Forces.
4. The Gang Response Investigative Team (GRIT) Task Force.

There are very stringent entry requirements for entry to the FBI. Candidates must:

1. Be a citizen of the U.S. or U.S. territory.
2. Be between the ages of 23 and 37 (although veterans may still be eligible).
3. Have at least a four year bachelor’s degree.
4. Have at least three years of relevant work experience.
5. Have a valid U.S. drivers licence.
6. Be willing to travel anywhere on assignment.
7. Pass and FBI background check.
8. Pass an FBI medical exam including vision and hearing tests.
9. Qualify for one of the following specialisations: Linguistics, Accounting, Computer Science/Information Technology, Law or Diversified.
10. Pass a fitness test including sit ups, a 300-meter sprint, a 1.5 mile run and pushups.

Candidates will be immediately disqualified for:

1. Convicting a felony.
2. Using illicit drugs.
3. Defaulting on student loans.
4. Refusing drug testing.
5. Not registering with the Selective Service System if they are men.