The Boston Division handles FBI issues in Maine, including the New England states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. In addition to this, Maine has several Resident Agencies, including:
1. Augusta: This can be found in the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse on Sewell Street, and covers the North of Androscoggin County, Franklin, Kennebec, Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, Somerset, and Waldo.
2. Bangor: This office can be found U.S. Federal Office Building on Harlow Street, and manages Aroostock, Hancock, Penobscot, Pitcataquis, and Washington.
3. Portland: Located in West Tower, this office oversees the South section of Androscoggin County, Cumberland, Oxford, and York Counties.

The Maine FBI has been successful in the following arrests recently:
1. A Maine man who sent threats to two two National Public Radio and also possessed an unlawful firearm in 2011. FBI Agents from the satellite office in Portland were responsible for the search that found said firearm.
2. FBI Special Agents in Maine investigated two men who were extorting a government official who worked under the United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command in 2009.

FBI Agent Careers in Maine

Via the Boston Division FBI jobs in Maine including many specialists who deal with both national security to major crimes. Job specialisations include:

1. Linguists.
2. Support Professionals.
3. Economic Analysts.
4. Investigative Experts.
5. Intelligence Analysts.
6. Security Professionals.
7. Electronics Technicians.
8. Paralegals.
9. Public Affairs Specialists.

The four Evidence Response Teams in the Boston Division, includes both Special Agents and Support Specialists. These professionals investigate crime scenes, gather physical evidence, and cooperate with the FBI Laboratory and local law enforcement to solve crimes. These teams also work with:
1. Computer Analysis and Response Teams.
2. Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Teams.
3. Hostage Negotiations Teams.
4. Bomb Technicians.
5. Hazardous Materials Response Teams.
6. Language Specialists.

Requirements for Becoming an FBI Agent in Maine

The FBI website gives advice for applying to join the FBI, and candidates may also contact one of the FBI Resident Agencies in Maine for information. There are also very stringent entry requirements for entry to the FBI. Candidates must:

1. Be a citizen of the U.S. or U.S. territory.
2. Be between the ages of 23 and 37 (although veterans may still be eligible).
3. Have at least a four year bachelor’s degree.
4. Have at least three years of relevant work experience.
5. Have a valid U.S. drivers licence.
6. Be willing to travel/relocate anywhere on assignment.
7. Pass and FBI background check.
8. Pass an FBI medical exam including vision and hearing tests.
9. Qualify for one of the following specialisations: Linguistics, Accounting, Computer Science/Information Technology, Law or Diversified.
10. Pass a rigorous fitness test.
11. Be registered with the Selective Service System if they are male.
12. Not have defaulted on student loans.
13. Not have been convicted of a felony.
14. Not take illicit drugs.
15. Submit for drug testing.