The headquarters for the Michigan FBI can be found in Detroit, and there are 11 more satellite offices across 83 state counties. In Michigan, there are Special Agents as well as intelligence experts, security staff, paralegals, electronics technicians and others. Some of the specialised departments include:

1. Evidence Response Teams: There are 24 Special Agents over three teams in Michigan that investigate crime scenes and analyse evidence from the scene.
2. Computer Forensics: This team deals with electronic evidence. They must be sure to do this properly so it’s admissible in court according to the law.
3. Specialized Weapons and Tactics Team: The SWAT team is tasked with getting through barricades, dealing with hostage situations, catching dangerous and armed offenders, surveilling areas, providing security, and helping local law enforcement when needed. They are trained with different weapons and work with the Hostage Rescue Team.
4. Special Agent Bomb Technicians: There are four FBI Special Agent Bomb Technicians in the Detroit Division’s SABT, who deal with dangerous explosives situations. They work with Michigan’s 17 other state and local bomb squads.
5. Hazardous Materials: The HAZMAT team, made up of sixteen FBI Special Agents, is responsible for dealing with dangerous materials including chemical, radiological and biological waste.
6. Language Specialists: These linguists are responsible for employing their language skills in the defence of national security. They are also called upon in undercover missions to translate in interrogations and eavesdropping.

Requirements for FBI Jobs In Michigan

There are very stringent entry requirements for entry to the FBI. Candidates must:

1. Be a citizen of the U.S. or U.S. territory.
2. Be between the ages of 23 and 37 (although veterans may still be eligible).
3. Have at least a four year bachelor’s degree.
4. Have at least three years of relevant work experience.
5. Have a valid U.S. drivers licence.
6. Be willing to travel/relocate anywhere on assignment.
7. Pass and FBI background check.
8. Pass an FBI medical exam including vision and hearing tests.
9. Pass a rigorous fitness test.