There are two headquarter offices for the FBI in Missouri. One is in Saint Louis and the other is in Kansas City. There are also seven satellite offices across the state, and the jurisdiction of the The Kansas City Division extends to the whole state of Kansas.

High Profile Cases Of The Missouri FBI

The Saint Louis Division apprehended a Missouri woman who was pretending to be a boy on social media, drawing in a teenage girl and then abusing her over time, leading to the girl killing herself.

The Kansas City Division charged three people who were trafficking Chinese women to Missouri by tricking them into believing they were going to receive employment, and then forcing them to work as prostitutes on a daily basis, for 14 hours a day.

Becoming an FBI Agent in Missouri

In Missouri the FBI employs elite professionals with specialisations including paralegal, computer tech, financial analytics, and linguistics. There are also SWAT Teams, Bomb Teams and Evidence Teams. There are also very stringent entry requirements for entry to the FBI. Candidates must:

1. Be a citizen of the U.S. or U.S. territory.
2. Be between the ages of 23 and 37 (although veterans may still be eligible).
3. Have at least a four year bachelor’s degree.
4. Have at least three years of relevant work experience.
5. Have a valid U.S. drivers licence.
6. Be willing to travel/relocate anywhere on assignment.
7. Pass and FBI background check.
8. Pass an FBI medical exam including vision and hearing tests.
9. Pass a rigorous fitness test.
10. Register with the Selective Service if they’re male.
11. Pass drugs testing.
12. Not have any past felony convictions.
13. Not have any student loan defaults.

The FBI’s Kansas City Division

The Kansas City headquarters is home to many FBI units including the he Kansas City Joint Terrorism Task Force, which employs 33 state, local, and federal agents. Kansas City also has a Cyber Crimes Task Force, two white-collar crime squads, one which focuses on state, local, and federal official corruption, including broken election laws and government fraud. The second squad takes on cases of financial, corporate, investor and mortgage fraud.

The FBI’s Saint Louis Division

The Saint Louis Division has specialist units including:

1. Evidence Response Teams, who gather evidence from crime scenes.
2. A Computer Analysis and Response Team, who gather digital evidence for electronic devices.
3. A Specialized Weapons and Tactics Team that deals with infiltrating secured facilities.
4. Hostage Rescue Team, that respond to hostage situations.
6. A Special Agent Bomb Technician, who gathers evidence from and dismantles bombs.
7. A HAZMAT Expert who deals with chemical, biological, or nuclear crisis.