The Boston Field Office oversees the Rhode Island FBI, with a Resident Agency in Providence. Providence Agents keep the whole state of Rhode Island safe. Crimes they have dealt with in the past including bank robbery, art, health care and mortgage loan fraud, organized and hate crimes.

The Criminal Justice Information Services Division of the FBI, reports that in 2010, 2655 violent crimes were committed in Rhode Island, entered in Providence, Pawtucket, Woonsocket, Newport, Cranston and Central Falls. The FBI either helped local law enforcement solve these crimes or took them on entirely. Remarkably, the towns of Foster and Little Compton had no violent crimes in 2010.

Becoming an FBI Special Agent in Rhode Island

Being an FBI Agent is tough, so applicants should be determined and strong. Candidates wishing to become an FBI agent in Rhode Island must:

1. Be a citizen of the U.S. or U.S. territory.
2. Be between the ages of 23 and 37 (although veterans may still be eligible).
3. Have at least a four year bachelor’s degree from an approved school.
4. Have at least three years of relevant work experience unless they have a Masters or J.D. degree, a background in computer science or information technology, fluency in a foreign language or are a FBI Honors/Volunteer Intern with a 3.0 GPA.
5. Have been a U.S. resident for at least three of the past five years.
6. Have a valid U.S. drivers licence and six months of driving.
7. Have the ability and willingness to work anywhere in the FBI’s jurisdiction.

Candidates can apply online, at the FBI field office in Boston or satellite office in Providence. It can take between six months to a year for the hiring process to occur. Chosen candidates must go to Quantico, VA, to complete 20 weeks of new agent training.

FBI Jobs in Rhode Island

In recent years, FBI Agents in Rhode Island have:
1. Tracked a man called the “Bearded Bandit” through half of 2012. He was responsible for the robbery of four banks, and was still at large in 2013.
2. Completed a five year investigation (ending in 2013) involving fraud by Rhode Island Hospital, who skimmed the government for $2.6 million. The hospital paid reparations to the tune of $5.3 million.
3. Worked with the Rhode Island State Police, Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation, and Warwick Fire Department to catch a woman charged with arson of her home for profit in 2012.