Milwaukee is home to the Wisconsin field office of the FBI, and there are also four satellite offices over the state. These offices hire Special Agents as well as cyber security professionals, linguists, scientists, accountants and engineers.

Becoming an FBI Special Agent in Wisconsin

It can take up to six months to one year to become an FBI Agent. Here is the process for applicants:
1. Lodging an application online.
2. Proving that the individual has the requisite critical skills, from education to experience. Priority hiring will be given to people with experience in: tactics, accounting, diversified, physical sciences, economics, military, law enforcement, law, linguistics, intelligence, engineering or computer science.
3. Completing the Phase I Written Testing.
4. Completing the Phase II Testing which includes writing and face-to-face interview.
5. Getting Conditional Letter of Appointment.
6. Passing a Fitness Test.
7. Passing an FBI background check.
8. Passing the Medical Exam.
9. Undergoing 20 weeks of training at the FBI Academy.

Note that the FBI will choose where applicants are stationed, and it might not be the state they applied in.

FBI Jobs in Wisconsin

The Division Headquarters are located in Milwaukee and has existed since the early 1900s and covers eight counties. The Milwaukee field office helped convict a former County sheriff for the sexual exploitation of children in 2012.

Satellite Offices are located in the following places:
1. Madison: This office is located in Middleton, and covers 12 Wisconsin counties. In 2012 the Madison arrested bank robbers who had conducted six bank robberies.
2. La Crosse. This office oversees 10 counties, and in 2010 helped sentence a man to prison for bank fraud.
3. Green Bay: The office covers 19 counties and employs both Special Agents and Victim Specialists. In 2010 this office solved a case involving embezzlement, bank and mail fraud.
4. Eau Clair: This office deals with 23 counties and in 2009 stopped drug trafficking on St. Croix tribal lands, leading to six arrests.