Wyoming has two Field Offices, located in Salt Lake City, Utah (which has jurisdiction over Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming only) and Denver, Colorado, as well as four Resident Agencies. Since 9/11, there have been no terrorism convictions convictions in Wyoming.

Becoming and FBI Special Agent in Wyoming

To become a Special Agent the FBI requires specific critical skills often called Special Agent Core Competencies, and they include:
1. Writing.
2. Evaluation and decision making.
3. Organization, prioritization and planning.
4. Adaptability.
5. Interpersonal abilities.
6. Flexibility.
7. Oral communication abilities.
8. Leadership.
9. Motivation.
10. Initiative.

In order to be successful, applicants must present the following documentation (where applicable):
1. College transcripts.
2. Military service documentation.
3. Letter of recommendation from FBI supervisor.

To become a Volunteer Intern, the applicants resume should list the locations and status of their work experience. It should also list personal accomplishments rather than professional duties.

It can take between six months to a year to be hired by the FBI, including training.

FBI Jobs in Wyoming

Salt Lake City.
This Office deals with crimes that happen in the Yellowstone National Park part of Wyoming only. West Yellowstone is home to the FBI Command College which facilitates the cooperation of FBI with other law enforcement agents in Wyoming, Montana, Utah and Idaho.

Denver manages the following FBI satellite offices in Wyoming:
1. Lander: This office covers the Washakie,Hot Springs, Fremont, Big Horn, and Park County counties. In 2012 the FBI’s work here led to the capture of a man who kidnapped and sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl.
2. Jackson Hole: This office covers the Uinta, Teton, Sweetwater, Sublette, Lincoln and Park County counties. This office was responsible for the capture of a man who robbed a federal bank in Jackson Hole in 2012.
3. Cheyenne: This office covers the Platte, Laramie, Goshen, Carbon and Albany counties. In 2012, the Cheyenne office helped the FBI Biometric Center of Excellence compile a criminal offender database.
4. Casper: This office covers the Converse, Campbell, Weston, Sheridan, Niobrara, Natrona, Johnson and Crook counties. In 2013 this office investigated an Oklahoma City man making digital threats against a Casper resident.